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Buying Horse Property

People Who Buy Horse Property In Acton

There are  five kind of people who buy horse property:

  • People who breed and train horses
  • Those who buy horses
  • Some who board horses
  • People who are in competition and show their horses.
  • And lastly those who are the occasional riders. 

If you are boarding horses you will need a flat terrain for training stable. arenas and bull pins.

The casual rider doesn’t need too much. Your horse will get most of their exercise from the ride outside.

For those in competition the most important thing would be a space for your arena.


Regardless of the reason you are buying a horse property here are some important things you will need to know…..


  1. Zoning: Having the right location by law for your horse property is more important than one might think.
  2. Plants: It is important to know what type of  plants your neighbors have. Reason being is plants such as Oleander could be deadly to horses.
  3. CC&R’s for horse properties. There are certain regulations you must have if you plan to buy horse property. If you do not comply with these regulations, you could be charged with many penalties.
  4. Good Wells: Did you know that horses can drink up to 35 gallons of water a day?
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